The old houses people buy usually require extensive repairs.

We've listed, below, possible repair requirements and the approximate cost per line item for a middle sized home, between 1,600 – 1,800 sq. ft of living area. 

The buyer may feel they want to repair it all, but the reality is that soon they will watch their budget and probably repair a lot less than they originally thought they would.

  • Maintenance preparing job for painting ~ $2,500
  • Exterior and interior paint ~ $3,500
  • Change flooring ( carpet, laminate, tile, vinyl) ~ $10,400
  • Trimmer repairing (including handles and door locks) ~ $2,000
  • Kitchen and bath cabinets, counter tops ~ $10,000
  • Change showers, bathtubs, fixtures, toilets, sinks, mirrors, lights ~ $7,000
  • Kitchen appliances ~ $3,000
  • New light fixtures, fans, outlets, switches ~ $1,500
  • Garage remote controls and repairs ~ $1,000
  • Air condition unit ~ $3,000
  • Air Handler ~ $1,000
  • Air duct maintenance ~ $1,500
  • Change roof insulation ~ $ 3,500
  • Pest Control and bond ~ $ 1,500
  • Replace grass + landscaping ~ $6,500
  • Plus?

 Total homebuyer’s out-of-pocket possible repair cost: $55,000 - $60,000 or more.

 And, these are just basic repairs.  What if the house was in worse condition?  Maybe it needs new windows; maybe a roof?

 Windows: $8,000-$8,500.

 A roof: $10,000- $15,000. 

Can you picture this?  After all these repairs are completed, you still have a renovated, old, previously lived-in, and maybe abused house. 

Then, what's going to need attention, repair and dollars just a few years down the road?

How can that "old" house compete with a Brand New Certified Green Home that's Highly Energy Efficient, Healthy To Live In, and Hurricane Resistant build using sustainable building practices?

Don't be a risk taker. 

Our homes actually let you live and enjoy the Florida lifestyle that you've anticipated... and, you won't be bothered with major or minor repair; just savings.