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This home is highly energy efficient. Over $30,000 in savings per 10 years on your utility bills. Plus, tens of thousands of dollars more over the lifetime of the home. This home is healthy to live in. Kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses. EPA indoor airPLUS certified. Virtually allergen, pollen, and mold free.

Stay Safe. Build your family shelter. This home you can build with super insulated, steel reinforced, solid poured concrete ICF walls. Hurricane, tornado impact resistant up to 200 MPH, fire retardant up to 4 hours, sound suppressant. Rated Superior Construction for substantially lower insurance premiums. 

The Terramar house plan is a contemporary home plan that features three bedrooms, three baths and lends itself to a more casual lifestyle with almost 2700 square feet under air in an open design concept. The outdoor features include a spacious covered lanai, swimming pool with sun shelf and spa, summer kitchen with built-in bar and a two-car garage.

The exterior of this modern single story custom design house plan is composed of a stucco finish with wood plank details, wooden brackets and a standing seam metal roof. A metal garage door with glass panels is flanked by an embedded stainless steel trim and modern coach lights. On the porch, square columns are designed with a center light well that is visible from all four sides and produces an ambient glow at night. This home plan is also in the beach homes, Caribbean homes and unique home plan categories too.

Your major benefits of investing in Green home: in addition to being healthy and economical, this home is built with sustainable construction technologies, that will keep your home competitive in the future housing market with newly built homes. Buying a Green home, you are making the best investment for your family.

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Susan  1,261 SF A/C 2,041 SF Total
Kate 1,366 SF A/C 2,011 SF Total
Denise 1,448 SF A/C 2,157 SF Total
Daniella  1,502 SF A/C 2,242 SF Total
Daniella II  1,631 SF A/C 2,355 SF Total
Palm II  1,741 SF A/C 2,481 SF Total
Andrea 1,757 SF A/C 2,481 SF Total
Kayla  1,853 SF A/C 2,563 SF Total
Kayla II  2,062 SF A/C 2,753 SF Total


Kristine 2,041 SF A/C 3,109 SF Total
Lucy 2,050 SF A/C 2,894 SF Total
Diane 2,160 SF A/C 2,849 SF Total
Megan 2,204 SF A/C 3,012 SF Total
Lana 2,207 SF A/C 2,854 SF Total
Alisa 2,235 SF A/C 3,157 SF Total


Maria 2,400 SF A/C 3,278 SF Total
Maria 2 Story 2,796 SF A/C 3,764 SF Total
Maria w/Bonus Room 2,814 SF A/C 3,822 SF Total
Amanda 2,700 SF A/C 3,678 SF Total
Amanda w/Bonus Room 3,056 SF A/C 4,241 SF Total
Birchwood 2 Story 3,228 SF A/C 4,152 SF Total

Two-Family Homes / Duplexes

Joy 2,422 SF A/C 3,756 SF Total
Eva 2,644 SF A/C 3,968 SF Total
Renee 2,866 SF A/C 4,180 SF Total

Weber Design. Luxury collection

Admiral 6,833 SF A/C 9,725 SF Total
Banyan 3,276 SF A/C 4,454 SF Total
Callaloo 2,548 SF A/C 3,606 SF Total
Carmona 2,526 SF A/C 3,588 SF Total
Laverra 2,259 SF A/C 3,163 SF Total
Marbella 2,457 SF A/C 3,365 SF Total
Montserrat 2,208 SF A/C 2,995 SF Total
Palm Coast 2,511 SF A/C 4,023 SF Total
Sugar Loaf 2,330 SF A/C 3,325 SF Total
Terramar 2,684 SF A/C 4,174 SF Total

Our Custom Green Homes

Jemma 2,031 SF A/C 3,109 SF Total
Custom Kayla II 2,449 SF A/C 4,005 SF Total
Custom #3995 2,718 SF A/C 3,995 SF Total
Custom #7387 4,598 SF A/C 7,387 SF Total

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