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George Friedman is a famous American Political scientist from a private US geopolitical intelligence, economic, military strategic forecasting, and analytical company called Stratfor. Friedman has predicted that in the next decade the following will occur:

  • Americans may expect a big problem in the US... There are 50-year cycles, and each one ends with a serious social and economic crisis.
  • President Ronald Reagan issued principles reformatting the US economy and the end of the cycle matures in 15 years. The next crisis will begin to be felt for the first time in the second half of the next decade. Its outlines are already visible - it is the middle-class crisis. The problem is that the middle class can no longer live as a middle class. The average American household income has remained steady at $ 50,000 per year.
  • Becoming an owner of real estate in a big city such as New York, Los Angeles and other agglomerations, for most of the middle class, is almost inaccessible because the amount of the down payment could be $100,000 - $150,000 or more, and mortgage will be around $500,000 - $600,000.

How can you protect your family from the next crisis, which according to analysts could start in the next 15 years? The company Florida Green Construction Inc. has developed a program that enables their customers to invest in financial independence.

Here are the steps to your financial independence

  • We can build you a high quality and custom designed home today.
  • We help you find a lot and to obtain financing for your purchase from the bank.
  • After the house is built, we can rent it for you.
  • Your mortgage will be paid by the renters of your home.
  • You have an opportunity with rental income to pay off your mortgage in 15 years.
  • In 15 years you own the property, free and clear of debt

How your investment looks in numbers?

  • The cost of your home today is around $250,000 depending upon the size of the home.
  • The down payment is 20% of the purchase price, approximately $50,000.
  • Your mortgage is approximately $200,000.
  • Monthly mortgage payment will be approximately $1,200 including property taxes and home owner’s insurance.
  • Monthly rental income is approximately $1,300 or more.
  • You can prepay your monthly mortgage payment for approximately $100 - $150 in principal. With rental income the debt can be repaid over 15 years, and your home will be owned free and clear.

For Your Information

  • You own the highest quality home: energy and water efficient, a healthy indoor environment, hurricane, tornado and fire resistant, certified as Green.
  • According to the study by the non-profit organization, Earth Advantage Institute, Portland, Oregon, certified green homes have a higher appraised value and can sell for a higher price than traditionally built homes.
  • Also, home prices increase due to inflation at an average of 2% per year, according to official statistics. In fifteen years due to inflation, your home will be worth approximately 30% more.
  • In addition, according to research founded by Zillow predicted by more than one-hundred experts, appreciation will be around 3% per year. Over fifteen years, it’s another 45%.
  • Studies by the Federal Reserve and National Association of Realtors shows that the average home purchaser in today could accumulate about $140,000 increased wealth over a 15-year period as a home owner.

Summary: your financial independence

  • You invest approximately $50,000 as a down payment for your green home today.
  • You use rental income to pay off your mortgage.
  • After 15 years you own the home free and clear of debts.
  • The market price of your home will have an approximate value of $400,000.
  • You can sell your home, or move into your Green home for retirement.
  • You can refinance your home, receive cash and your renters can continue to pay your new mortgage.
  • Your investment with Florida Green Construction Inc. provides you financial independence.
  • Investing in more than one home can increase your wealth. Let’s work together to create financial independence for you and your family!

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