I was so excited to move into my new Florida Green Home. What happened next, I didn’t expect. The very first thing I noticed is how quite it is. Virtually no outside noise. The surprises kept coming. Imagine opening up your electric bill for the very first time. Scary, at least for me. I thought surely there must be some kind of mistake. It had been very cold for about 12 days. I ran the heat, although it never seemed to be running. I opened my bill and to my amazement it was $36.00 dollars. I was a first time home buyer, so I knew nothing about building one. Florida Green Homes held my hand every step of the way. Everything was explained to me from the construction to the inspection process. If I had questions, I was always able to call and get my questions. My home is affordable. Prior to building with Florida Green Homes, I was renting. I could never get ahead with bills. In my new home, not only do I have a beautiful home, I have met exceptional people who honestly care and are committed to the best home possible. I fully endorse Florida Green Homes. Isn’t it time you build a green home? Thank you for all you do.
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