This home is absolutely amazing. I had called FPL to complain about my latest electric bill, which is the highest it's ever been here at $81.00 and they laughed at me. Apparently, most people's bills this month becuase of the cold snaps were over $300.00. My house is over 2,300 SF, and I normally pay about $50.00. The temperature in the home just seems to stay the same, and the heat or the air hardly ever come on, which to me is unheard of in Florida. I have been here for almost one year, and I can't imagine not living in a Green Home now. It's not just the savings. The home is clean, quiet and comfortable through and through. I suffer from allergies to pollen, and for the first time in many years, my allergies don't bother me when I am at home. When I am outside if the pollen is high - I am sneezing like a madman, but then I go home, and it's like there is not a speck of pollen in the air. My advice to anyone thinking of building or buying a home - wherever you are - opt for a Green Home. You'll never want to live any place else. And if you are in this part of Florida, build with Florida Green Homes - they are beautiful, affordable fortresses...Literally.
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