Energy & Water Efficiency

Due to the sustainable construction methods used in green building owners and those who live in our certified green homes will receive:

• Up to 70% energy savings on utility bills
• Super insulated roof system
• Double pane Low- E windows and glass
• Energy Star® 15 SEER A/C unit
• Air returns in all rooms
• Energy efficient appliances, lighting and water efficient fixtures.

Healthy Indoor Environment

A certified green home will also have improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and become more comfortable for its inhabitants.

• Virtually allergen, dust and mold free
• Air conditioning system consistently brings fresh air from outside
• A/C ducts sealed during construction to prevent contamination
• Same temperature in all rooms
• NO formaldehyde, NO chlorofluorocarbons, NO asbestos, NO fiberglass.
• Low or No VOC paint.

Safe Homes with ICF walls

• Hurricane and tornado resistant up to 200 MPH winds
• Fire retardant up to 4 hours
• Sound suppressant. Termite resistant.

Cost Efficiency

• Continued savings over the lifetime of home.
• Substantially lower insurance premiums with ICF walls.
• Cost to build green are on the same level as traditionally built homes

Green Equals “Green” in the Housing Market.
Higher Returns with Green Investments

Homes with “green” features sold for $33,894 or 7.2% more than traditionally built homes in 2015, per a recent study by Redfin.

Certified Green Homes resale value is up to 30% more than traditionally built homes in states like Washington, Oregon, California and Texas per the Earth Advantage Institute, a nonprofit organization in Portland, Oregon.

In 2005 only 2% of new construction was green, in 2016 approximately 38% of new construction was green. The confluence of a stagnant housing market and consumer desire to save money is creating a green home building boom that could be worth up to $114 billion, per a latest Smart Market Report on Green Homes and Remodeling, NAHB.

green homes boom

70% of new home buyers in the next decade will be looking for energy efficient, healthy to live in, Certified Green Homes, per a report from The National Association of Realtors and The National Association of Home Builders.

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