Our homes are hurricane resistant!

 ICF Walls - Insulated Concrete Forms


Homes built by Florida Green Construction Inc. are some of the safest structures in the world. Our walls, ICF construction have been engineered to withstand up to 200 mph hurricane winds, water and flying debris. In the picture below you can see a whole area that was swept away by a 20 ft. storm surge during hurricane Katrina. Only one home was left standing.


Our homes are tornado and fire resistant


ICF homes can withstand winds up to 200 mph. The picture above shows an ICF home that was under construction when an F4 tornado tore through this Stoughton, I Wl neighborhood. While the surrounding homes were destroyed the ICF home survived.

icf survivors 1

In this aerial photo of a fire-devastated San Diego suburb, it’s easy to see the three houses on the street made with ICF. ICF homes have up to a 4-hour fire rating. The picture, shows ICF homes still standing after a wildfire swept through the area. As you can see, the ICF homes are virtually unaffected by the flames and heat that destroyed everything else.


Hurrincane Katrina interrupted the construction of an insulating concrete form (ICF) home being built by Mr. & Mrs. Scott Sundberg at 103 Shadowlawn Ave. in Pass Christian, Miss.  Mr. Sundberg, P.E. was about 85% finished when the hurricane struck, destroying his neighborhood.  Work resumed afterwards.  The home has concrete floors at the carport level, second floor and third floor, and the walls are ICFs.  Sundberg designed the home and he and his wife are building it.  FEMA has cited the house as having survived the hurricane because it was being built using many FEMA standards.

One Year Later.


This is how we build our homes!

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